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    I have a RadeonX1900 in a 2007 mac pro. When unplugging or plugging in the 2nd monitor the displays stay black and computer goes on with its boot process. I can sometimes remedy this by disconnecting 1 or both of the display cables and reseating them, but occasionally I have to take out the entire gfx card which seems to fix the problem. so any ideas on what could be the problem? I cant be reseating the video card just to attach/remove a 2nd monitor.

    2 DVI to VGA converters (no problems once displays are on)
    OS:Snow Leopard
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    Could also be the display bug if one of the displays are configured as "rotated".

    It manifests itself as a black screen that will still display the cursor for any display that's rotated.

    Switch the display back to not rotated to "fix" the problem as apple has given up on updating or bug fixing any feature in anything a pro user might actually want to use...

    I'm not bitter honest :p

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