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    Jun 30, 2007
    Well, it took 6 days to activate and it has been almost a month and still trying to get my number ported. About to give up. I like a lot of you think the iphone volume is too low. Sure it is fine if you have the volume all the way up and you are in a quit room but forget talking in the car with a window down. So I called support and they sent me a phone to use while I sent mine back. When I got the phone I tested the speaker and also tested 2 other phones. So 4 phones and they all had the same output of the speaker. Tested with a sound level meter so it was pretty accurate. Just when I was going to send the temp phone back It seemed like my display was not as bright as it use to be. I took my girlfriends phone and turned auto dim off and turned the brightness all the way up on both phones. I was amazed how much better and whiter her display was. Mine was dimmer and had a touch of yellow tint. Then I noticed when I turn my brightness all the way down the screen was flickering a little. Best way to explain this is that when the brightness set the same on both phones you would defiantly want hers not mine. I compared with my brothers and same thing, his display was much better. So after 3 weeks of messing with the phone I guess the display is on the brink. Anyway, if you have the chance to compare your phone with someone else you may want to check this out. Please post if you think your display is also not as good as someone else's. If the phone was $100 I would not even care but $600 I don't want a dud.

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    take it back man take it back!!!!!
    for the volume i thout there was some kind of plastic cover somewhere??
    the display could have a dodgey power connection
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