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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by Giuly, Oct 14, 2010.

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    my iPhone 4 arrived today (ordered September 30th at Telekom Germany, 9 weeks shipping time became "Shipping in the Week of October 18th" but shipped yesterday).

    I used my 3G bareback, and I really hate those rainbow scratches. I want to apply protection foils on the front and back of the iPhone 4 to prevent that. Which ones are to prefer? I read a thread about that, but I can't find it anymore neither do I remember whether it was about the iPhone or iPad.

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    Depends on what you like. I like the wet application type, bodyguardz, Zagg type stuff. Others like the clear plastic ones. I had to swap out my phone and have a matte finish one on right now and hate the way it looks. I think it makes the screen look grainy. Lots of good options though.
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    wanna know too! I've bought few real cheap screen protectors. Anti Glare, mirror....

    But the mirror one is lame under sunlight, will try other later

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