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Oct 12, 2018
Hello Guys,

so i switched from a Iphone 8 Plus to the new Xs Max.

As i were laying in the bed, in darkness with low Brightness, Nightshift and Truetone on, i noticed this strange darker Spot on the upper right Corner an thought i am only imagne it. This was the first time on the Clock App.
So i tested to lower the brightness, making i higher it and so on. The strange thing is this Issue when i turn off Night Shift and True Tone it seems a bit better, but still noticable.
I told this Issue in an German Forum and one Guy told that this a grey Uniformity.
As i know the Iphone X Display is made by Samsung and the Xs/Xs Max LG, am I right?.
So does someone who ones a Xs Max or Xs has also this Issue?
I am only finding Threads to the older Iphone X.

So i took some Pictures of it with my older 8 Plus. I Had to put up the Brightness so my 8 Plus could catch more Display Light because it was too dark. I will try it tomorow with my DSLR.
Does this normal looking for you Guys and when i Replace it will it get better or is there a Chance that it may get Worse?

Best wishes from Germany and sorry for my bad English.


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Jul 1, 2013
This is a fundamental issue with OLED panels and can be found on high end TV’s as well as smartphones.

It’s generally probably not noticeable once you get pass what they call 5% grey scale so dark scenes / backgrounds you may notice but not lighter ones.

You may also see some vertical banding in OLED displays and each one will be different and it is no different if it’s LG or Samsung.

You won’t see this in the 8plus as that is LCD

Hope that helps.


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Dec 14, 2014
Please don't make a repeat post on this. It's been discussed in this forum plenty of times. Again this is normal for OLED panels.

Common things and topics that may pop up in this thread:
  • no LG has not started making displays for the new iPhones, The deal just went through and is expected to be in effect next year.
  • Obviously, this will be different than the LCD iPhone 8
  • iPhone X had this issue as well
  • Replacing it is a lottery, it could get worse, It can get better


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Oct 26, 2008
I’m trying to understand all these tests.
My max looks great. What would a test like this prove if I got similar results?
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