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Discussion in 'macOS' started by lannister80, Apr 9, 2010.

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    Apr 7, 2009
    I have a new issue with my Mac Pro (3,1 - 2008), it just popped up (and I don't think it was caused by 10.6.3, I remember this working correctly after it was installed)

    I have two monitors connected via DVI to a flashed XFX 4870. The 4870 has never given me any trouble.

    In the Energy Saver settings, I usually set the machine to never sleep, and the displays to sleep after 5 minutes. This used to work great, never had any trouble with it, ever. Now, the displays don't go to sleep after 5 minutes, they just stay on with a screensaver.

    I tired the following:

    1) Clicked "restore defaults" button in Energy Saver control panel, then set my setting the way I usually do.

    2) Set a hotcorner to put the displays to sleep. This worked once or twice, then the hotcorner stopped working.

    3) Rebooted a bunch of times.

    I have not yet reset PRAM or SMC because this is a monitor/display sleep issue, not a machine sleep issue (machine sleeps just fine).

    I have a full SuperDuper backup of my 10.6.2 system and when I boot into that, display sleep works just fine. But I could *swear* that display sleep was working OK in 10.6.3 before this issue happened. I think...

    Any ideas? Can I blow away some plist files to reset this? Someone suggested running Repair Permissions...has anyone had success with that?
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    Why did you start a new thread? No need to create multiple threads about same subject.

    Did my suggestion help?

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