DisplayPort Cable to hook 2015 MBP retina to Dell U2410?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by reyalP, Apr 11, 2015.

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    Oct 10, 2012
    hey everyone,

    I just purchased my first Mac (2015 MacBook pro retina) yesterday. I would like to hook it up to the display port on my Dell u2410. I'm a little confused by the thunderbolt port and mini display port cables. Could someone point me to the appropriate cable or adapter to achieve setting this up.

    thank you
  2. JTToft, Apr 11, 2015
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    The Thunderbolt port is compatible with Mini DisplayPort cables. You can also use the HDMI port on your MBP if you prefer.

    So you need either a mDP-DP or an HDMI-HDMI cable (or mDP-DVI, I suppose, but the other options are preferable).
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