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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by dimme, Oct 25, 2013.

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    I just picked up a 15" macbook pro to replace my 2008 mac pro. I work in Photoshop and lightroom for my hobby photography. I thinking for photo editing I will like to use my macbook pro screen and my Dell U2410. Is there a difference between using the mini display port cable or the hdmi. I am thinking the hdmi would be a better choice freeing up the thunderbolt ports for the future.
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    HDMI cables are easier to find for many people and free up the TB ports like you said. But the Retina has 2 TB ports so it's not such a big deal.
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    I believe your HDMI port will only output up to 1080 vertical, so to get the 1200 vertical resolution for that monitor you will need to use the MDP (TB) port.
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    In some cases, you don't have choice. I think DisplayPort is used for non-Apple monitors(older tech) and HDMI is used if available.

    I'm waiting for my mbp, but I currently connect my dell laptop using VGA to monitor and use hdmi to connect to flat screen tv.


    As far as adapters, what would you recommend. Monoprice has been suggested, but I wanted to do a comparison.


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