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    The more I read the more confused I get....

    I am an artist, 3d Anamator, Post edit, web-page guy! So I do it all .I am fixing on plunking down about 5 grand on a new MACPRO 12 core with ram and SSDs. This will probably be the last LARGE computer investment.

    AS far as a monitor I was really leaning and had budgeted in for a 3011 Dell. Now I have read 1000s of reviews comments rants and harangues. Seem you either love it or hate it,,, BUT one thing that most say other and other is You better buy direct from DELL or if you have an issue getting it resolved will prove to be almost impossible. ALSO dell will not consider replacing it if it has 6 or less dead/stuck pixels. THEN if you do get it from DELL instead of say Amazon it will be almost $500 MORE! WTF! Almost 50% more to buy it from DELL? WTF?

    SO I go looking at apples 27 and the reviews are very mixed. I do have my concerns about the SUPER HIGH GLOSS screen BUT people also have a conniption over DELLS aggressive Anti-glare coating as well.

    ALSO there are 2 27 displays listed on APPLE one called a Apple LED Cinema Display (27" flat panel) and the other Apple Thunderbolt Display (27-inch)

    I can not figure out any difference between the 2.

    I would like a 30 inch BUT? I have about $1,000 - $1500 for this moniter.

    Can anyone give me some advice here?

    Also I have been told the SCREEN on the 30ich DELL is the same for the NEC 30 inch but the NEC is another $1000
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    I still use Dell from time to time for various electronics, and I use to buy with them for PCs. If someone isn't interested in Apple, I point them to Dell. I always found their warranty and customer service very good. Next day, in-home service on repairs, and that warranty came with their computers at no charge (not sure if that comes with monitors). All my experience is from buying directly with Dell.

    Apple does have 2 displays. One is Thunderbolt and the other is Cinema. These links will explain the differences. Pay close attention to the ports/connectivity of each.



    I personally have a Cinema Display, and I love it. I'm fortunate to have control over its placement in my office. If you're right by a window and reflections will bother you, the Dell may be the better solution. Apple has an excellent 14 day return policy, so you could buy an Apple Display and give it a try!
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    I've owned most of them actually, the dell u2711 (sent back, hated the AG coating) and two apple thunderbolt displays (sold off after no new mac desktops due to the lack of compatibility) - my personal vote actually goes to a third candidate you haven't mentioned, the samsung 27a850d, it's imo a perfect semi-matte screen, no glare in average home lighting but very crisp text unlike the dell w/ all the output inputs you could want... still, all these things are debated to death on the internet, everyone either loves or hates all of these displays, so it's best to see for yourself if possible... a brick and mortar store should like Fry's should at least have the Apple & Dell to see.

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