distnoted chewing up 100% CPU and hanging system, appears to be triggering "FBWormholeNotification"

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by mixvio, Oct 26, 2015.

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    In the last couple of weeks my system has been sporadically locking up due to the distnoted process eating 100% of the CPU and bringing things to a total halt.

    Advice I got was to compile and run Notification Watcher to monitor what was pinging distnoted and I keep seeing a billion references of "FBWormholeNotification_MSG$0F8783" occurring every second or so. When the system locks up, there appears to be a ton of these hammering the system at once so I'm pretty confident this is involved in the issue.

    My gut says that it's something involving the Facebook integration in OS X, but even after deleting my account in System Preferences the item continues to appear in Notification Watcher.

    I can't find a single reference to "FBWormholeNotification" through google at all, and the only thing about OS X and "wormhole" was this application:


    I don't know if they're related or not.

    Any help or suggestions of where to start looking would be highly appreciated. My only solution right now is to run a cronjob that regularly kills distnoted, but it's causing some instabilities with a few different applications and I'd rather a proper solution. Thanks!
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    Sounds like the app is either a Trojan or a really older plugin running wild! Try running the free application EtreCheck. Think of it as a System report on steroids that will list any program, service, plugin is ruining and might be out of shape and you can manually delete it.

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