distributed.net anyone?


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Jun 12, 2013
Florida, USA
Huh, shows what I get for not paying attention here anymore... :eek:

I've been running either OGR or RC5-72 on and off for a decade or so. In the past few years I've been exclusively OGR, as my GPU systems run other things. OGR-28 feels like it's going to take a lot longer than previous rulers, despite estimations that it would take about as long as 27. The only ways for it to finish on time would be either a large boost in participants, or a large number of small stubs later in the stubspace (to boost the average speed).


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Jan 12, 2015
Their participation seems to have fallen somewhat.


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Mar 7, 2007
Midwest America.
There is a new team on BOINC for SETI called 'Residents of Trantor' in honor of Isaac Asimov and his Foundation series of books.

I'm using all of the machines I have available to get the team up in the ratings, and could use some help.

Come and join...