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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by dimme, May 17, 2013.

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    After 2 plus years of work I am coming to the end of archiving my late father's family photo collection. It is about 8000 plus photos. They are already up on flicker for the family to view. But I also would like to send out the collection as jpegs so some of my Dad's grand kids can preserve the images for future generations. As jpegs the collection is a bit under 30GB, I was thinking of our hinging some 32GB flash drives and sending them out to about 5 family members to Either keep or pass around, to make copies. I have two questions...
    1 I know no digital media last for ever but for the foreseeable future is NTFS for mater flash drives the best medium for a collection of this size.
    2 Is there a way to setup the drive so the photos will not be accidentally deleted.

    I will of course be keeping the master tif files and also the flicker copy's . Plus all my photography is backed up on site plus on crashplan.

    I welcome any comments
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    I think you mean "FAT" not NTFS. ntfs is a for MS Windows only. Almost all flash thumb drives and memory cards are FAT formatted.

    You could use SD cards. These have a physical write-lock that you slide and if left that way prevents writes. I think you can remove the little tab and no one would ever be able to write to the device again.

    You could burn the images to a set of data DVDs but that would take a bunch of your time.

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