Ditching iPhone for 4G iPad mini

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    I'm the kind of person wireless companies love because I pay $80-90/mo for voice minutes I hardly use and a data quota that I rarely exceed. Starting with the original iPhone to present day with my iPhone 4S, that's a lot of money!

    As always the new iPhones are great, but feel it's an expensive option for my needs.

    Some facts before I lay out the plan.

    * An unlocked 16GB 4G iPad mini is $459, with pay-as-you-go data (sweet).
    * An unlocked 16GB iPhone 5c is $549.
    * An unlocked 16GB iPhone 5s is $649.

    My plan is to:

    1. Sell my iPhone 4S and Retina iPad and replace both with a 4G iPad mini (may wait for next version). The pay as you go data plans are about $20-30 mo, compared to $80-90/mo as it is now.

    2. Try porting my number to a VoIP provider.

    3. Use something like Google Voice or another provider to handle SMS messages.

    4. Already using iMessage and Google Hangouts to chat with iOS and Android users, respectively so this will flow through 4G and Wifi seamlessly.

    Is anyone doing something like this? Would love to hear your thoughts, and think I could get by with carrying it in my hand if it doesn't fit in my pocket. As for it's use as a phone, I might seem doable by using it upside down, as the microphone and speaker locations are reversed. Always an option for a headset, but unnecessary. I'd save over $700 in phone bills a year, and have 1 iOS device that can do everything I want. Thanks!
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    A family member recently used her iPad mini (cellular) as a phone while she was in NY, using the app TextNow. Worked great so long as she was on campus or calling from the hotel, but call quality was lousy (and dropped) while she was traveling in a vehicle. We use that app for texting on our Apple devices and it's fast and pretty reliable.

    Don't blame you a bit for not wanting to hand over tons of $$$ to wireless companies. The iPhone is fabulous, but I have better uses for my money than giving it to a wireless carrier. Maybe someday, but not now.

    There are times when you may need a cell phone, however (calling 911, for example). I opted for a Tracfone. Costs me $20 every three months to buy 120 minutes - which roll over if unused.

    You don't seem to need a cell phone attached to your ear 24/7, so go for it!
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    Two years later, it would intrigue me what ended up happening and what was learned from the exercise...

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