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    As promised, here's the how-to on the crappy excuse of a controller I came up with yesterday. To the people who didnt like it i have some excuses for your comments. First of all, a piece of balsa wood, unless painted isnt gaudy. Gold and flamboyant colors are gaudy. Second, it's not oversized. It's designed to make it more comfortable to hold your touch or phone. For the guy who said it's ugly as hell, I'll have to agree to an extent because it's not the best looking thing. Could look better but im seventeen and i did it in an afternoon. I challenge you to make something better with the resources I had. What could you honestly expect?

    Anyway! Enough excuses. Here you go.

    Step One-


    Here are the materials you will need. For an iPhone, you will definitely need two sheets of the 3/32 x 4 x 36 balsa wood. Just one sheet for the iPod Touch. Number 11 X-Acto knife blade, scissors, super glue. I prefer the gel super glue because its closer to regular glue consistency and easier to work with. Really small file comes in hand if you want to do the beveled edges like mine. A ruler, if you have shaky hands, for cutting the wood. A sturdy piece of paper or card stock because that will be your template. I didn't picture a fine point sharpie- you'll will need something like that. A piece of sand paper too.

    Step Two-


    The blue outlined area is the screen window. You'll want to cut that out with your X-Acto and trace it on to your balsa wood with the sharpie or pen. This will be your front piece. If you get ink on the front piece some where you dont want it, don't get pissed off. It can be sanded off later. Now I do have to admit that the template is larger than the balsa sheet if you get the four inch wide sheets. just push the top of the template flush with the sheet and trace. If a headphone jack is important to you then put your iPod or iPhone and measure where the jack is and then make the cut. Refer to the finished product picture if you're confused. Make sure also that each subsequent piece is cut accordingly. If you save that image as, you will need to make sure the image prints with the top portion being 6 and 3/4 wide.

    Here's a few on one of my sheets


    Step Three


    Now that you have the front piece done set that aside and print out this template. Cut it out just like the first one except you will cut out the new blue outlined part. This will be one of your interior pieces. For the iPod Touch, I ended up having four interior pieces plus the back and front, making six. For the iPhone, I just have to guess and say maybe six or seven interior pieces. It would be great if someone with an iPhone would experiment and tell me how many interior pieces are necessary. Before I forget, take your first template and trace around the outside edges, not the window. That will be your back plate.

    Step Four-

    Before you glue everything together, stack all your pieces and make sure your device fits. I glued a piece of tissue inside the back piece to protect my iPod's back plate. If your device doesn't fit, take your X-Acto and trim your edges. You don't want a whole lot of moving around but you still want it to fit. Once you are sure that you have a good fit, start gluing your pieces together. Once I had mine all glued, I used the small file to bevel the edges on the front plate. When that was satisfactory, i sanded down the edges and make them a little rounder. For the stopper on the top i took some of my scraps from earlier and cut them into strips that fit the top and glued five together and stuck them in the top after my iPod. I made sure to put a handle which was just three small strips glued and pressed together.

    Here's what I came up with.


    I hope this was informative and I hope you'll enjoy the end product. Thanks for reading.
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    Very innovative. I thought I saw a commercial on TV for someone selling something similiar.
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    I recommend rounding the top for a natural feel, and adding a layer to make the controller smooth
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