[DIY] Custom Iphone Car Mount + AV output

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Shenaniganz08, Mar 27, 2011.

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    I had a Ram Mount for my Iphone 3G and really enjoyed using it. While Proclip had a fancier looking solution, it did not allow you to customize the mounting the way Ram Mount lets you (literally hundreds of different combination). But I really liked how Proclip had mounts that let you just slide your phone in and out. When I purchased my iPhone 4 I wanted to buy a mount that also had a passthrough cable. Unfortunately they don't make one for the iPhone 4 + OEM bumper, so I was left with the only solution available = Making my own

    Parts List

    Iphone 4 w OEM bumper holder
    Ram Mount iPhone 4 Holder ( you can save money by buying the individual parts from their parts list)
    TRUE 30 pin Passthrough Cable ( Novapcs on Ebay )
    Apple Composite A/V Cable
    Farenheit 7" Flush Mount LCD

    Tools Needed

    Sandpaper, Files, Primer, Spray Paint
    Black Radiator Fix epoxy plastic
    3m Automix Plastic Epoxy
    Bond Glazing putty
    Masking Tape
    Dremel Tool with Fiberglass cutoff wheels

    Step 1 Creating Custom Mount​

    First I started with my own creation Proclip dock + ram mount rubber ball to allow me to use all of the Ram Mount options

    Carefully drilled and screwed in 4 screws + Nuts

    Using A dremeled I removed all the extra screw/nut/Labeling that was on the Ram Mount Using a Fiberglass Dremel Cutoff Wheel

    Step 2: Molding 30 pin adapter to Holder
    In order to avoid having to plug in a cable in and out it would need to be molded in and glued to the adapter. After researching it turns out using a pliable epoxy would be better to start off with vs a liquid epoxy like JB weld. The radiator stuff looks like this


    Best method I found was
    1) Put a little bit of Vasoline on the mount and outside of iPhone bumper first so nothing sticks
    2) slide iphone down into bumper all the way
    3) Using a dremel you will probably have to sand off some plastic so that the extra large AV plug fits into the iphone with the Bumper on it. No need to be neat, this will all be covered up
    4) Once the AV Plug fits plug it into the iphone.
    5) Mix the putty and then you will have only a few minutes to mold it around the iphone/holder/cable
    6) Let it dry for a bit, but before it hardens you can cut off any extra material before it fully hardens


    7) Mix the 3M automix and apply. You will probably want to do 3+ layers to fill in all the depressions. Let it dry, sand till flat, repeat until it looks good

    8) Do the same thing for the mount holes, this takes one layer and pretty easy to sand to make it look better

    9) Once you get your General shape use spot putty for the tiny holes

    10) Sand, and mas off areas you don't want to paint ( bad idea to use nurses tape, it leaves a residue, I ran out of blue painters tape)

    11) Paint black.

    12) Find how to mount it and then plug in your av cable to your monitor
    From this picture you can see I used a zip tie to get the cable out of the way + still allow the mount to rotate, and I cut away some material in my dash to allow the cable to route behind my center console


    13) I really Recommend Paying for GPS Drive as a pretty Nice way to use the secondary 7" screen ( besides playing videos, etc)


    Questions are welcomed !
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    I don't have any questions, but it sure looks nice!
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    This is very creative, and I can't believe this didn't generate a lot of responses. To be fair, you were so descriptive that questions related to the actual implementation of the solution are hard to fathom, but I do have a couple. First, why not go with a bolt in mount?

    Every suction cup mount I've ever owned has failed me within 6 months. Maybe it's the shape of my 06 Subaru Impreza's dash, but I can't get anything to stay. I'm figuring on getting a MiPro 450 + some kind of adapter to get it to mount to a Pro-Fit dash mount. It'll cover up the vent as a plus so I don't have to see the missing slats from the time I spazzed on a vent mount. Maybe I am too rough on my cell phone mounts or my unwilingness to spend $1000 of suspension is making the ride too rough, I don't know. I just know this is a problem for me and definitely shouldn't be.

    Anyway, how is it working out? Still that way to this day? Let us know, and great job! Have a good one. Will subscribe.
  4. Stcmedia, Jun 28, 2012
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    I need a doc and this seems like the best option. Ordering the stuff now to try it out. is it still holding up? And once you have the bottom part made and sanded how do you attach it to the holder before painting? Just epoxy? Thanks!
  5. takeshi74, Jun 28, 2012
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    Maybe not as of the date of the OP but there's certainly one now.

    That doesn't look like a suction cup mount in the last photo to me. Pro Fit, ProClip and Panavise vehicle mounts would be far easier to deal with as no mods would be necessary. They all use fairly standard bolt patterns.
  6. Shenaniganz08, Jul 17, 2012
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    1) It's bolted directly to my dash

    I have solid motor mounts and coilovers in my car that causes a lot of vibration, so I needed something that was completely solid. In addition, I can hold on to the mount and use my phone without looking (pandora, etc) which is the reason I can't stand anything that clips, suction cup, etc.

    2) I moved the mount back closer to the steering wheel (you can see the old mounting holes in the previous picture) . It makes the dash look cleaner, especially when I leave just the part that is bolted on (these pics are from earlier/different interior parts/ not the finished product)
    Just the bottom mount

    Eventually I will fill the unused holes in (I already have the colored colored plastic filler)

    3) I glued the bottom part to the proclip using a) crazy glue for immediate bonding b) epoxy for added strength

    4) Still holding up strong. I love that I can walk in my car, drop my phone in and immediately have it charge/connect to my car.

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