DIY iPad/iPhone Stylus from Expo whiteboard marker

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    I've bought just about every ipad stylus out there (all but the super expensive ones) and I pretty much hate using all of them... Here's the thing: you can't write on the ipad or iphone very well, and yet all of these styluses are made to mimic pens and pencils rather than big low-fi markers.

    So I decided that if I wanted to enjoy drawing on this thing I better figure out how to make my own marker that would force me to draw in large open strokes and not worry about writing anything smaller than my fist.

    A whiteboard marker is perfect for the job. Plus the chisel tip means that you can draw comfortably at most angles. It's what I use every day at the office and it just seemed like it'd be a better fit for using on the ipad.

    I spent forever finding the right materials and process, so I thought I'd make a short video to share the knowledge... enjoy!

    The key to this project is finding the right foam. I ordered a bunch of different versions online, sourced a few from local computer repair places, and bought pretty much every type of IC at Radio Shack; none of them were any good.

    The best foam I've found (so far) has been from the IC's at Frys. It's low cost ($0.69) and it even comes with enough to make 2 markers :)

    Product Link Here :
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    I saw that the other day, and it's a prototype. If they had the funds to make a polished version, the wouldn't be raising funds on Kickstarter.
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    ha, sorry, I'm slightly dyslectic...
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    4,926 Backers & $98,021 would disagree.

    Watch the video and they explain why it was designed that way. Also what you see there is a non working prototype. Later in the video they do show a working prototype.

    I'm thinking of contributing to their project.

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