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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by Nekomichi, Oct 17, 2016.

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    Sep 20, 2016
    Just a quick tip, if you don't want to use an official iPhone 7 skin for some reason, it's still possible to make your own by buying a cheap iPad screen protector and then cutting out the shape you need.

    I should probably first mention that this won't have anywhere near the same quality as a properly manufactured protective skin and doesn't wrap around the edges of the phone, only the flat back surface. But if you want to have a protective layer on the back of your phone, yet can't get access to an official wrap, this is a quick and cheap workaround.

    This is the DIY skin I made. I first used a glass iPhone 6 screen protector as a stencil, traced around its edges onto the £1 iPad screen protector and then cut out the general rounded rectangle shape with a swivel blade and metal ruler (don't forget a cutting mat!). The camera and flash slots were then cut out with scissors. It gives a matte black iPhone 7 a near jet black finish and provides basic scratch protection, however it won't protect the curved edges. This current version might have air gaps on the edges, but if you cut closer to the edge of the stencil you can eliminate these.

    The reason I made this was because in the past I noticed that some clear iPhone cases actually caused small scratches to the flat surface of the iPhone itself, so this is a quick and dirty workaround.
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    Instead of buying a cheap iPad screen protector, you could buy a cheap iPhone skin/wrap/film that provides much more coverage.
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    **** that actually don't look bad. Pretty good. More pics at different angles?
  4. Nekomichi, Oct 19, 2016
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    Here are two other shots:
    You can see that it doesn't perfectly cover the Apple logo and leaves an annoying air gap around the perimeter of the shape. I tried re-applying pressure on the right-hand edge of the phone and that seemed to get rid of the air gap thats visible in the very first image.

    The image in the first post was taken on a mobile phone, the images in this post were taken using a DSLR. This might account for some differences in how the custom skin looks.
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    Is that a Nintendo in the background?
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    Yep. :)
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