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DIY iphone bike mount


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Jan 6, 2011
Downloaded cyclemeter and wanted to put it to use. Browsed the web and namebrand ones is for my cheap ass.

Found an old post mounted reflector and have a Speck Candyshell sitting around so I decided to get crafty. Keep in mind this is still v1 as I'm still thinking if I should "junk" this case and epoxy it instead of 3m heavy duty doublesided tape and bandaid (yes, there's actually good grip to save it in case the 3m fails..tho, the 3m itself is very sufficent).

Took it out for a ride today and rode on some hardpack, stairs, hops etc and it held up wonderfully. I think I am going to make some v2 adjustments to bond the case to the mount (it's the second candyshell and still with the peeling, it's driving my anal ass nuts so it now rarely gets used) so don't have to have that eyesore of a bandaid and lower the case so it's more protected in case I bit the dust.

Let me know what you think and any improvements I can add.



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Jan 28, 2011
Be sure to peel it off slowly. It always hurts to just yank your DIY iphone bike mount off all at once.
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