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    Sep 14, 2011
    Hello, well I recently accidentally dropped my iPhone 4 and the front LCD glass got cracked. I decided to take the intrepid decision of repairing it myself with a LCD+tool kit combo I ordered on eBay (about $30 total) from a pretty good reputation seller . This is my first iPhone 4 repair and I will try to follow ifixit's guide on their website. I know the repair is fairly difficult, but what do your experiences tell? Are eBay iPhone LCDs reliable? Any tips I shouldn't forget during the repair? Thanks!!
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    Oct 13, 2010
    no rush, use a compartemtalised tray not to mix up screws and parts, no kids or pets (or spouse..) around to mess things up

    good luck
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    Apr 7, 2012
    When I repaired my own iPhone LCD, I watched two different repair videos all the way through before even starting my repairs. I took notes on each step, and had a list set up. I even numbered the screws for self-reference, I prepared a piece of paper with small circles for each screw and approximate shapes for each part to be removed, and placed each part on the paper in its place during the repair. When I started the repairs, I had the videos queued up and the list of steps in my notes on my computer screen. All of that helped tremendously; I found myself referring to the notes and videos repeatedly.

    The first time is always the trickiest, because you don't know 100% what you're doing, and are not sure of things (like how hard you have to push or pull to dislodge or reattach things). Sometimes, the video tutorials don't agree with each other, or with what you do. For example, one video on putting things back together had the speaker assembly go in after the motherboard, and another video had it go in before. I found that putting the speaker in before worked better (tucking the four tabs beneath the frame and then screwing in the right-hand screw before putting the MB in).

    One thing I discovered: watch out for bits falling off! At least four small things fell off unexpectedly: a rubber bumper at the bottom of the speaker assembly, a tiny cylindrical screw "barrel"(??) for one of the EMI shield screws, the rubber piece at the top of the motherboard, and a small metal brace at the top of the EMI shield for the screw at the top of the shield. For each one, I had to refer to hi-res images from Google Image Search to puzzle out where they went back. No tutorial I found had even half the things that could easily fall off mentioned. Some tutorials don't even seem to mention the antenna shield under the battery tab until the reassembly!

    As noted, take your time. Don't be afraid to stop and puzzle over something, and take more time than might feel normal to make sure you're getting it right (like checking whether the front panel is flush with the frame as you screw it in, checking the home button as you do so). Don't hesitate to go back a step or three if you think something may not be in right (like if the MB is or is not seated correctly). Observe the state of repair before continuing to the next step (once I had the MB all screwed in before I noted that the antenna wire from the speaker assembly was buried beneath it!).

    Also, make sure you get the stuff they don't mention, like taking off the plastic backing from the inside of the LCD screen. The videos & tutorials often gloss over steps like that because they think it's obvious, without thinking that the people they make these videos for don't know what's obvious and what's not, which is why we watch the videos.

    So, prepare, be cautious, be meticulous, take your time.
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    Thanks for the advice ! I think the things I am most worried about are organizing the screws and the screen's ribbon. How and with what did you organize the screws? How should I handle the ribbon connected to the LCD in the installation ?

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