Diztronic TPU cases?


Mar 18, 2010
I have used this case on my last two phones (GS3 and iPhone 5s) and they are my favorite cases. I love the matte finish and slim design, and they're cheap too! I bought mine off of Amazon too so I wouldn't worry about the price.

Bought the black Apple leather case for the 6 so I am going to use it for a while but I'll probably order the Diztronic at some point.


macrumors 601
Apr 30, 2012
i will swear by these too. i looked far and wide for the perfect case for my 5 and 5S and FINALLY settled on the diztronic case. intact, my review and personal pics of it are on the amazon page for the 5/5S case.

before i even opened my iPhone 6 when i got home with it, i immediately went on amazon and bought the new case for it. the diztronic is 10x better than the Tech21 case i bought for the 6 at the verizon store. its got a lay on the table design, covers the whole bottom, offers some very decent drop protection believe it or not and fits perfectly. best of all, it doesn't increase the bulk of the iPhone 6 and especially doesn't increase its width the way the Tech21 case did.

this is THE only case, besides the caudabe veil if I'm in a minimalist mood, that i would ever consider for my iPhones. i got it in black, just like my previous phone.
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