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    My wifes friend is having a B-Day party this weekend. I am supplying the music. I have all the songs in a playlist. Option one is to just shuffle the playlist with ITUNES, and play.

    I was wondering if there is a recommended DJ app out there, when I can shuffle the songs, have them fade into and out of the songs, add a little mixing to the songs, etc. I've heard about dJay, but noticed it hasn't been updated in the store in a while, and wonder if it is still popular. I also saw a Djay 2 app for ipad (I guess that would cause me to move all my music to my ipad and not play off the mac)

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    You could try this...

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    iTunes can shuffle and crossfade.

    To crossfade go to:
    Preferences > Playback
    Turn on, "Crossfade Songs" and set to whatever timing that works

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