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    I've been working hard on an iPhone game called DJ Jones and is basically a music quiz that plays a song from your iPod in the background and you have to choose which song it is. I submitted DJ Jones for approval two nights ago and now I am a little lost as to how best market the game. Can I give anyone an Ad-Hoc version to review?

    I've attached some in-game shots with my App Store description and I look forward to hearing from you.


    Team Shibby

    Details on the game are below:

    Do you love music? DJ Jones is a fun way to play around with your iPod music library and rediscover all the great songs you forgot you had.

    - Highly addictive music quiz
    - All music comes from your iPod music library
    - Beautiful animation and graphics
    - Stunning immersive interface
    - Made For iPhone OS 3.0
    - Regular weekly updates

    Planned Future Updates:
    - Comprehensive stat-tracking
    - Music discovery/rediscovery tools
    - Global online leaderboards
    - Achievements
    - Send challenges to friends
    - New game modes
    - Multiplayer over WiFi
    - Features by requests

    *Purchasing this game means that you are entitled to all planned future updates for free. I am dedicated to making the highest quality and most comprehensive music library game in the app store...enjoy!

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