DJ Remixer2 mashup app!


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Aug 29, 2008
Hello everybody,
check out our new DJ Remixer2 music mashup application.

DJ Remixer2 is the perfect mashup machine. Remix and re-sequence your favorite music live as it plays without ever breaking the beat!

Free promo codes are available in the promo codes section of the forum.

View in iTunes

Demo YouTube Video


✔ High-resolution graphics for the new iPad retina display.

✔ Load songs and music videos directly from your iPod library (can not load DRM protected files).

✔ Auto-detect song measures (groups of 4 beats) and re-sequence then on the fly.

✔ Auto-fader crates automatic mashups that are always aligned to the beat. You can choose between 1, 2, 4 and 8 beats for each deck (fader animates automatically).

✔ Song is represented by color coded nodes, one for each song measure. Usually blue indicates strong bass and bass drum, green for voice/guitar and red for tom-tom and cymbal.

✔ Music picker with songs sorted by BPM lets you select songs with similar tempo.

✔ A color waveform scrubber lets you visualize the entire song waveform including the color for each node. You can touch anywhere in the waveform scrubber to quickly seek to that part of the song. A red cursor shows the current play position and a yellow frame the current view window.

✔ One high quality 3-band equalizer per deck.

✔ One X/Y effect pads per deck including filters for Low Pass, Flanger and Echo.

✔ Two timelines per deck... one with the original music sequence and the other, editable for use in longer loops or entire track remixes.



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Jul 23, 2008
And poof, they are gone!

I'd love to try the app when the next batch of codes come around.
Love to see how it stacks up against djay.