DLNA = connecting everything (Apple TV?) HD with ethernet (plasma vs LCD) 120 vs 60

Discussion in 'macOS' started by hiimamac, Jun 2, 2008.

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    Jun 7, 2007

    While researching a new TV, I ran across this on some of the newer models, touting DLNA which means anything from the TV having access to RSS feeds, weather and stocks, to the TV accessing Hard Drives, Camera's, Computers, wirelessly or as part as the network.

    Just wondering where that puts Apple TV. Imagine having a HD connected to the network, or looking at another flowchart from the dlna site, coming home with your camcorder and it connects wirelessly to your TV and controlled by your TV remote.

    That's pretty cool. Sort of makes Apple TV a slick web interface that links to the iTunes store, so what's to keep some TV developers from writing code that not only accesses the iTunes store, but netflix, (others) and plain web browsing?

    Again, I didn't know about the dlna stuff until last night as this is showing up on the 7 series newer Samsung HD TV's. FWIW, a 40" TV from Samsung in March was $2200 and is now $1549. Its a 6 series with 120 refresh rate (supposed to be better for motion) but does not have dlna nor a sub woofer like the 7 series which you can now get online for a few hundred more. ($1749). The thinking/theory on the price cuts are due to OLED flat screens coming out soon which might kill off Plasma.

    Just wondering what everyone else thinks as the dlna website has everything from camcorders, audio, pc's to hard drives......pretty cool stuff, basically it will be one of the ways to get everything when you want it without wires and if there's no limit say on a netflix rental, wouldn't that hurt Apple TV?

    Or worse, since Apple TV plays at a certain def., and won't play .mov, .mpeg 4, (or what ever ripped formats you find on the net), what if these tv's can go online and fine ripped movies (Yikes).

    On a another note, the HDMI is supposed to be able to contain copyright info.

    My bad on the rant yesterday.
    Lot's of stress, stuff going on.

    If you have feedback on Plasma vs LCD vs 120 refresh vs 60 vs 720 vs 1080, please jump in as I am curious as to which one is the best for sports.
    :apple: and watching keynote presentations. LOL.
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    Jan 18, 2009
    dnla is cool, less boxes less remotes

    I think DLNA is really the way to go.
    With a TV with DNLA, and a PC (with all your family pictures) and a home network you are all set to go. Install media server (with DNLA support, I think Tversity or Twonky got it, Tversity is even free)

    No need for yet another box and yet another remote control. Hence wife will be happy.

    The only problem I find left is that I have thousands if pictures and only 10% of them is really worth looking at. They are tagged with quality (EXIF)
    So I would have like the media server to filter out by qyality. Heard rumours on forums that Tversity are to implement it, so Ill hope.
    No other media server, or apple TV will apparently pick up rating and tags from Adobe photoshop elements (PSE) or Lightroom, please let me me if it exist!

    And by the way, Tversity acts as web server for your other PC's in your home or your iTouch. So you can see you pictures on your Itouch without syncronizing.

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