DLO iPhone Surface Shields (Anti-Glare) - Mini Review

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by aphexii, Apr 11, 2008.

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    Feb 22, 2006
    I previously had the Power Support Crystal Shields on my iPhone before I got a warranty replacement, but when I returned the phone I had to take the shield off and well, its hard to get them clean again once you take them off so I decided to get a new pack as it was my last one (the first try didn't work so well months ago, so my $15 essentially bought me a single film)

    I was torn between the Power Support Crystal (Clear) and the Power Support Anti-Glare versions, both $15 for two films, but wanted to check out what else was available.

    So I was at my local Bestbuy today when I came across some new screen protectors for the iPhone - the DLO iPhone Surface Shields, released early this month but still apparently hard to find locally since they are new, decided to give them a try.

    $15 for 5 Anti-Glare films, very impressed with the price and finally would give me a shot to try the anti-glare out in person.

    The install was actually easier IMO than even the power support. The cling was smooth and perfect, just line it up and peel it back as it goes on, voila. A little pressing to remove the bubbles and its all good.

    First Impressions?

    I like the texture and love how resistant the anti-glare is to fingerprints, cheekprints, and general printy-smearness that the iPhone is prone to. For those not familiar here is a quick rundown;

    Naked iPhone - Very prone to smudges, and fairly difficult to wipe crystal clean, needs a bit of elbow grease with a microfiber cloth and some warm breath from time to time to really get it spotless

    iPhone w/ Power Support Crystal film - Very prone to smudges, but very easy to wipe clean with nearly everything (even a shirt works well).

    iPhone w/ DLO iPhone Surface Shield (Anti-Glare) - Very resistant to smudges, have used the phone for a few hours and I barely notice the fact that it was even handled at all, impressive.

    Now, there is a caveat however; the texture is visible (and as a result may break the deal for me). I really REALLY want to like these; they go on so easily, feel great, and resist smudges and glare very very well. But due to the anti-glare properties, there is a noticeable (yet even) texture across the entire face of the phone. Its very hard to describe properly, but have you noticed that after you use the phone for awhile, there is sometimes an oily texture left behind, that gives the image on the screen a bit of a graininess to it - thats what this does to the screen - all the time.

    I'm gonna try them out for another day or two, see if I can get used to it. Not sure what my final decision will yet be.

    I love the quantity for the price, but I dunno about the texture.

    If only DLO would release a non-anti-glare version, I would be ALL over it, but as for now my final judgment will be withheld until I make my decision.

    Hope this helps!
  2. i0Nic macrumors 65816

    May 17, 2006
    Sydney, Australia
    Yeah I'm kind of in the same boat. I love how the anti-glare films resist fingerprints and smudges so well, but the graininess really gets to me especially when I see someone's naked or crystal shield iPhone as it looks a lot less vibrant than those.

    I decided to stick with the crystal, because that way you can just pretend you have a naked iPhone as that's what it feels and looks like... but you have the reassurance that your screen is somewhat protected.

    Next time I might give the anti-glare shields another go once I get over the whole vibrancy of the screen thing.

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