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Sep 25, 2007
I ordered the unit from DLO as soon as I saw the preview here on iLounge on Friday. It was delivered very quickly since it shipped from Durham, NC. I have been looking for a portable speaker solution for my iPhone to let my daughter watch videos and listen to music when we are traveling. Below is my review.


Style: B

The speakers look very nice and seem to be able to easily be stuck in a bag. They match my black Agent 18 case perfectly. The iPhone nestles either vertical or horizontal into the stand which has a small strip of rubber on it to hold your phone in place. The speakers are half egg shaped with a flat on them so they sit securely.

The speakers and base with 4AAA installed weighs 1/2 lb. It feels substantial in your hand due to the shape. If you travel with the stand, power adapter and speakers with batteries installed you are just over 1 lb total weight. I put my 5.5 gen iPod in the pics so you can see a size comparison.



Sound: B

For small speakers they sound alright. I am not an audophile by any means but let's say it's a 1000% improvement over the stock speakers on the iPhone. I don't have any other docks to compare it to unfortunately. No idea how long it lasts on AAA batteries but we will be taking a trip this vacation so I'll get an idea.

The Bad

I like the speakers a lot but there is one hing that DLO "forgot" to mention when they show the pictures of it folded up. The stand is not part of that ball....This was a major flaw in the design as you have to carry an additional awkward shaped piece with you if you want to stand up your iPod and watch it. The power adapter seperate is no big deal but not integrating the stand....dang. If I had known I probably would not have ordered.

Also, it would have been great to have a dock connector to charge the iPhone while you are watching it even if it only worked under AC power.

Oh so close to a really really good design.


Feel free to ask any questions as this was just a quick review.
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