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    Aug 23, 2005
    I picked this up over the weekend after reading some very favourable reviews.

    Whilst I find the story really interesting (Alex Garland adding some credibility to it) and graphically its got a really good art design, there are some really serious issues with the game impeding my enjoyment.

    Firstly. no lock-on targeting system. After coming from the glorious hack n slash combat in Datksiders 2, or even games like Batman : Arkham City to DMC the lack of a lock-on system is criminal. Yes you have all the moves but when a lot of them fail to connect with the enemy or enemies, or when trying you are struggling to target a flying enemy amongst a group of enemies is infuriatingly impossible to do.

    This is further exacerbated with another truly awful issue, the Camera. Seriously how they thought the camera system was tuned well in this game is mystery. This is especially true in the platforming sections which are frustrating simply because of the amount of times you miss a platform because of the shaky camera is too many to forgive.

    The platforming is further exacerbated by the final major issue which is the controls. Who thought the control scheme through needs a slap. Having to go from pressing x to quickly tap L2+X and follow it with a R2+Square leads to many misses as the control scheme can't keep up with itself, often missing what your pressing and leading to another plummet off a ledge etc..

    Aerial combat is near impossible because of the lack of Auto-lock on and trying to chain a multiple combo of different attacks is made increasingly difficult when you can't target the enemy meaning your combo is often broken by a lack of actually hitting the enemy you want hit.

    Yes many of the sins can be forgiven because the story is very well constructed but not this many sins.

    Hopefully a lock on could be patched into the game, but the camera, dodgy erratic controls and frustrating platform sections will still remain.

    I am staggered that none of the glowing reviews have mentioned these problems, further reducing my trust in reviews these days. (many ok games getting slated, many average games getting glowing dispraportionate reviews).

    This to me is a 6/10 game, not the 8-9/10 it seems to be getting critically.

    Any other MR members playing this? My experience is with the PS3 version.

    Edit.. But it's still better than Devil May Cry 4

    Oh and must supplement by saying the locations / story and narrative are vastly superior to DEvil May Cry 4 which just felt like you walked from random location A to random location B that had no aesthetic cohesion and lacked imagination or any tangibly interesting story.
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    I loved DMC1 and 3, and just enjoyed 4, all of which had lock on.
    DMC3 is on my top ten best games for rezenclowd3 ;-) As a matter of fact I am playing it again as I almost beat it years ago, then in college sold the PS2 for more beer. Stupid stupid.

    I will pick up at ≤$10.

    I do agree about reviews ignoring key flaws, and distrusting them due to this.
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    Aug 23, 2005
    Oh yeah it was Devil May Cry 4 I meant in my edited comment not 3, 3 was good indeed.
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    Oct 23, 2007
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    I've been playing it, I'm not normally a DMC fan, but I really liked it. I think a big part of it is, the lack of lock-on, it just seems to flow better without.
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    Aug 23, 2005
    Well I finished it. I did like the story, I thought it was a million times better and more coherent than any of the dmc's before it.

    My earlier gripe of lock-on whilst I still would preferred a lock on, I got used to it by the end.

    Platforming sections were still the weakest part of the game, but there was some really good level designs in the game.

    The nightclub and TV worlds were interesting, and mundis's home turf too.

    There was only really 1 puzzle in the game (light switch and move things into place section) and it made me realise how truncated this game s compared to the likes of Darksiders 2.

    The game certainly could have fleshed out more puzzles, but hey ho.

    But yeah thought the story was great.....

    Now to trade it in...
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    Nov 7, 2011
    I don't like the color schemes when you are in limbo. I'm not sure of it's the camera or the colors, but I can't play this game longer than an hour without getting a headache.

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