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  1. valkman, Apr 28, 2012
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    I run a Mac Mini with Snow Leopard Server (10.6.8). It is running on a static IP address hosting web, email and its own DNS. It is running Standalone (No Open Directory). The problem that I'm having is that the DNS hostname is not what I expect and not what I have configured in my DNS settings.

    In my DNS Zones it is configued as:
    y.x.w.in-addr.arpa. Reverse Zone -
    w.x.y.z Reverse Mapping www.mycompany.com.​
    mycompany.com. Primary Zone -
    Web (_http._tcp) Service www.companyname.com.:80
    mail.companyname.com Machine w.x.y.z​
    ns01.companyname.com Machine w.x.y.z​
    ns02.companyname.com Machine w.x.y.z​
    www.companyname.com Machine w.x.y.z​

    When the "w.x.y.z Reverse Mapping www.mycompany.com." line is selected the bottom panel says:
    Resolve w.x.y.z to: www.mycompany.com

    I expect the hostname of my server to be "www.mycompany.com". The SSL security certificate I have installed and working is in that name ("www.mycompany.com"). If I execute "sudo scutil --get HostName" it returns "www.mycompany.com".

    To me, this all looks good. The problem I'm having is that all DNS queries return "mail.mycompany.com" as the DNS name!

    If I execute "sudo changeip -checkhostname" it returns:
    Current HostName = "www.mycompany.com"
    DNS HostName = "mail.mycompany.com"

    As you might expect, "nslookup w.x.y.z" returns:
    z.y.x.w.in-addr.arpa name=mail.mycompany.com

    I really want to fix the DNS name of my server but don't know how. I have restarted DNS several times, and rebooted the server to no avail. Anybody know how to fix this?
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    You're going to need to give more detail. We need to see the type of each record.

    Can you just post pictures of your forward and reverse zones?
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    Oct 19, 2010
    wat dns server is it using?? it should use it's own. also i would make use of aliases like following: A record = mail.mycompany.com -> 123.34.45.XXX
    alias www.mycompany.com -> mail.mycompany.com
    MX server.mycompany.com >mail.mycompany.com
    and so on.
    this way all resolves to the one ip if that ever changes you only have to change the A record ip and all is set but you can still set them to other ip's.
  4. valkman, Apr 29, 2012
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    Resolution - mostly

    OK, it turns out that I had not created an "A" record for the actual domain itself. I had created "A" records for mail, the name servers and such but not for the primary domain. After making that change my DNS name from the use of "sudo changeip -checkhostname" came out correct. Also, how I was using nslookup to determine if I had made the correct changes was wrong. For those troubleshooting DNS issues here is what I found:

    Use "dig" instead of "nslookup" for troubleshooting. I'm assuming at this point that nslookup has cached results... ???
    Here is an example:
    "dig any <domain>" shows the correct information (the info I expected)

    "nslookup <domain>" does not, it still shows "mail.mycompany.com" as the DNS name

    But by specifying the name server to query, I do get the expected results from nslookup:
    "nslookup <domain> <my domain nameserver>" does show the correct info!

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