DNS issues with Mavericks server

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    I have a second test server I have ben trying to get OD and mobile home folders working on, this is a test for a future project. On my main server I use it mostly for TM backups, iTunes and file sharing so I never set up DNS or OD, I just use my router and ISP settings.
    On the set server I set up accounts go to the client mac and set the users and groups to see the server, but I can not get the client to login to the server with the account I have setup on the server.
    I have tried may different setups and read many different guides but I feel my problem is with the DNS settings. Every guide I find says I need to add my domain name, I do not have one. I it possible to set up DNS with out one. Is there a site with step by step set up of DNS w/out a domain.
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    Your server should have some kind of domain set. It can be something such as myserver.private, myserver.pri, etc.. Ideally it should be made up if this is going to be an internal network

    But even if you don't, Bonjour will exist and your domain would be myserver.local. Substitute myserver for whatever your hostname is.

    So assuming it's myserver.local, you need to do two things. You need to configure the DHCP server to include the internal IP address of whatever myserver.local is to your DNS. Don't forget to include the DNS domain of myserver.local. The remaining step is to add a DNS entry for your test server.

    That should eliminate at least the DNS issues of your issue. To test it out type in "host {IP Address}" in the terminal. The IP address will be whatever your test server is. You should then get the hostname you configured within DNS.

    Although my example illustrates what to do without a domain, you really should have a made up domain name, especially when working with OD

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