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    Hi folks,

    I just purchased OS X Server 10.5 and have been messing around with it. I have run into a few issues.

    -I setup OS X server and add users.

    -I go to a client machine, iMac with 10.5, and use Directory Utility to connect.

    -I reboot the client machine and it appears to authenticate.

    I do all this and it does not retain it's credentials and will not use it's time machine backup...

    Also, the group calendar does not update across computers...

    Am I missing something? Is this a DNS issue?

  2. rickgmac macrumors newbie

    Mar 3, 2008
    Which config are you using, standard, workgroup or advanced?
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    Oct 21, 2003
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    Eh.. whoa...

    Just a few simple steps for making a working OD structure in Leopard Sever:

    1) Examine your current network.
    - Is there a DNS already present?
    - Is your IP range known?
    - Is there a DHCP server in your network?

    2) Answer your own questions:
    - Of no DNS is setup, make your server the DNS sever.
    - If there is a DNS server setup, make sure your new server gets an IP address with reverse lookup DNS entry
    - Configure the IP range.
    - Setup DHCP, but not if there is a DHCP server already present!

    3) Setup and config your sever:
    - Use the current DNS server for you hostname setup, or;
    - Setup DNS
    - Setup DHCP if necessary
    - Then setup Open Directory Master (recheck DNS reverse lookup by examining Kerberos realm)

    4) Setup clients:
    - Make sure that the IP setting is correct (either using DHCP or manual)
    - Connect to OD master using "Directory Utility"

    Have fun! :)

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