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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by TheChemist, Nov 7, 2013.

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    I am hoping the community can help me out with DNSCrypt.

    I travel a fair amount throughout Canada, the USA, and the UK. I have an OpenDNS account set up for my travel which follows me using the openDNS updater (the icon needs to get with the times in terms of retina).

    I recently came across DNSCrypt and thought to give it a try. Which brings me to this post.

    I am not sure I have the service set up properly, or, perhaps it is working as intended and I have to accept as is. I have selected the "Enable DNSCrypt and Always Use OpenDNS" options.

    1) Browsing seems to be fine.
    2) Sending email via the Mail app using my iCloud credentials stalls. I get an error about not finding the server or smtp. If I select the google server then it works. Otherwise I have to disable DNSCrypt and the iCloud credentials work
    3)World of Warcraft won't download updates, won't log into the game if I have DNSCrypt enabled.
    4) The USMLEworld application suffers the same fate at WoW.

    At this point I am suspecting that either I overlooked a setting in this Mavericks or DNSCrypt is working as intended, and there are a few applications that don't agree with it.

    Any and all advice is welcome. Tutorials are great too, as long as it stays within the jargon of the lay person.

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    Could a moderator delete this thread. Everything works now, must have been a temporary hiccup.

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