do airplanes have wifi

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    sorry i know this is most likely the wrong place to put this thread but didnt find a solid location to put this. just wondering do airplanes have wifi and also do airports have wifi?? thanks again
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    Jun 6, 2007
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    Actually, doesn't Lufthansa and Singapore Airlines have Boeing's Connexion wireless internet service onboard their 747s?
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    Mar 1, 2004
    Yes, they do.

    Cathay Pacific and a few other airlines also offer internet service in the air (not sure if it's wired or wireless) but it only downloads and sends mail once every 15 minutes, so it's hardly useable for regular browsing.

    Most airports have wifi, but there is usually a fee to use unless it's your service provider offering it, then you log on with your account details and it's free or cheaper....

    Edit: The boeing system is used by Lufthansa, JAL, SAS, ANA, Singapore Airlines, China Airlines, Asiana Airlines and Korean air AFAIK. There could be others, I was reading from a 2005 article.
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    Apr 18, 2007
    Unless you are in the US of A. It is a federal law that you cannot have any wireless devices at all while in the air.
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    Commercial Connexion service was scheduled to end at the end of last year, just government contracts were supposed to continue after that, through 2008. Did someone buy the operation from Boeing?

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