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Do apple replace faulty iPhones with refurbished or new units?


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Original poster
Jan 10, 2010
Hi, just wondering if apple replace faulty iphones with new or refurbished units? My mother has a two month old iphone which apple said they'd replace, however she wants guarantees that it's a new iPhone and not a refurbished one (don't ask).


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Mar 12, 2012
North America
Actually, it's not refurbished - just remanufactured. I know because I had to get it done as well. The hardware (external parts like glass, screen, lens, buttons, etc) are all brand new but the actual software (the brain of the iPhone) is previously owned/used ... In a sense, it's better than a brand new, untouched iPhone because as the Apple genius guy was telling me, with remanufactured phones, there's that guarantee of the phone working absolutely because tests have been done on it to make sure it is still functional. :)
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