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Jul 11, 2013
I have been through three iPads 11 Pro (2018 models) and they all developed sporadic ghost touch after 1 to 2 years of use.
I cannot be just unlucky and I presume that most of them do that at some point in their life (Never had this problem with previous iPad models).
Even though this model is still serving me very well, I am thinking of trading it in to Apple and get a new/refurbished model.
I would not feel comfortable about selling it to a private, due to the ghost touch issues.

The dilemma I am facing is what to get as a replacement.
Ideally I would like one of the new 11 Pro, but I assume they still share the same screen and digitiser as the 2018 model, and therefore be prone to the same issues that I have been facing with the older models.
Alternatively I could go for a new Air as the screen on those is different.

Do you have one of the new (since the M1) 11 pro and experienced ghost tough issues?
Is this still a problem?

But also, have you moved to an Air from an 11 pro? What are your impressions? What will I miss the most (I assume speakers and pro-motion).

Any other comments?
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Sep 16, 2020
I purchased an M1 11” iPad Pro in early 2022. It is used just about every day and I haven’t experienced any ghost touch. It runs just as smooth and is as responsive as the first day I got it.

I didn’t have an iPad Air prior, I upgraded from an iPad 6th gen.
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