Do I mark the delivery 'unchecked' incase its damaged?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by zarf2007, Dec 9, 2012.

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    I am based in the UK and am just wondering when my new iMac turns up, as it is inconvenient to unbox and check my iMac while the delivery man waits (not to mention he will be p***ed off!), will I be covered by courier insurance/apple if it is damaged.

    In the days prior to pda type devices that you sign on, you could write 'unchecked' while signing for it which kind of covered you. Not able to do that these days. Reason I ask is my previous iMac was nicely dropped by the idiot who delivered it while passing it too me last time. Luckily there was not damage but just wondered where I stand.

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    In the U.S. at least you can report shipping damage days after delivery. In fact the carrier won't release the package until you sign. They also won't wait for you to open. Also a unit can be in perfect shape externally but still be DOA. So unboxing is only half the story. Don't stress. If you bought from Apple you are in good shape.
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    If it looks like it is damaged then take pictures and only accept it if it he will agree to you signing for it as unchecked/damaged. This is difficult these days as most couriers only have a small handheld for you to sign (no notes). I got mine delivered on Friday and I have to say it was very well packed.

    In the UK you have the right to return it even if it is perfect in the first 7 days (distant selling act). So if you do find an issue you are covered. And remember even if you didn't purchase Applecare you still have a years warranty (and longer in Europe if it fails mechanically as a £1500 iMac should last longer than 12 months).
    Hopefully all will be fine like mine is. In fact its perfect. Ive been on it all day learning the mac way.

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