Do I need a desktop system as a "hub" for a home network

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by jnyepu, Jul 14, 2008.

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    My MBP with external monitor fits all my computing needs. My boat anchor XP Desktop system is on its last legs. It has served as a hub connected to a router which networks a WiFi printer, Slingbox, a MBP, a Macbook, an XP laptop, and a wireless web cam. The non-computer devices have required a computer hardwire connected to the router to configure those devices, IIRC.

    I'm thinking about an iMac to replace it. The other option would be to have my MBP replace it. My question is, I don't want the MBP tied down all the time, e.g. for upload/download tasks having it hardwire connected to the router would be great but of course I'd like to disconnect the laptop and take it around the house, outside, etc. when I want as well without disrupting the network otherwise.

    Can the MBP simply just be "unplugged" and go wireless or be plugged back into the router when I want without causing major issues/headaches, or would it be best to have a dedicated system to be the "hub" computer of the network.

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    Yes = To the question about unplugging the MBP and going wireless, et al...

    But, do you really want to do that? IMO, there's nothing like having a dedicated system as the HUB. A 24" iMac would make a great HUB and so would a Mac Pro. :D If you can afford the iMac, then go for it.

    If you're looking for an inexpensive solution, you might consider replacing your old desktop PC with another PC. Dell has some very good bargains on desktops which can still be ordered with XP.

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    If you get an iMac, you could attach all your devices to that (that need a computer). The other devices connect to the router wirelessly. So that would leave your MBP free to move about.

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