do i need data roaming set to on? this is on a legit o2 iphone

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    Hi there i recently had problems wih my jailbroken o2 contract phone where the internet would not work, after some help i think i have managed to get it to work with inputting the edge settings and turning data roaming on. The net seems to work with the data roaming turned off though so i am just wondering if this data roaming setting has to be on? What is data roaming? Will i get charged for it or will it be free under my o2 contract?

    thanks in advance
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    Data Roaming is for using Data when you are roaming, just like when you go abroad and use your phone on another network (roaming) so is the same for data.

    By default its off simply because if you have it On the phone will use any network your on to download which can really add up to big costs on your phone bill. When it is off the phone will only use its home network for data (O2 in this case) and when you travel elsewhere or go onto another network it won't use the network for data thus saving you the cost of roaming data fees.
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