Do I need to calibrate my new ACD 23"?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Hatchet, Oct 24, 2008.

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    I just purchased a new ACD 23" to pair with my MBP (Previous Generation). As of right now, the colors and accuracy are pretty stunning right out of the box. However, it doesn't match my MBP in any way (Much better colors on ACD)

    I will do mostly my web design from this setup and was wondering how crucial it is for me to calibrate the monitor? I can tell that the MBP and ACD are different as the ACD is much better in regards to color depth, etc but I am not exactly confident I calibrate it by myself.

    How well are they calibrated out of the box?

    Is it possible to get my MBP to be calibrated equally? I tried to select the Cinema HD profile for my MBP and it looked washed out. Right now I am using my previous iMac configuration on my MBP which is a tad too much blue but has much more color accuracy than the other profiles.

    Any help is appreciated. I have taken a look at the calibration kits at my local Apple store (Huey Pro - $129.95) and was wondering if you would recommend one if needed? What are the results?
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    Yes. Every display needs calibrating, and ideally every 14 days.

    The ACD is a far better panel than the one on your MBP, so will always be better. As long as you use the same calibrator, set the same gamma and white temperature, you'll get as close as possible.

    I personally use a Huey Pro or a Spyder 3. The Huey is pretty good for the price.

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