Do I really need an adapter for the old mini?

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by blairh, Mar 29, 2009.

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    I'm almost positive I don't, but.......

    I was just reading reviews on Amazon regarding the previous base model Mac Mini (1.83, 80, 1). The review mentioned that an adapter is needed in order to use this model mini with his 23" ACD. He said it cost $99 from Apple. Is this true (maybe he was mentioning the really old 23" ACD instead)? I want to purchase the previous base model Mini (found it for cheap, no I don't need the new model) to use with my 20" ACD, but I certainly don't want to purchase this adapter.

    Please clear up my confusion. Thanks!

    Here is his quote:

    Complaint #1: First thing I discovered when I went to hook up my new Mac Mini: I could not connect my "older" (c. 2004) 23" Cinema Display. Apple doesn't tell you that part. If you have an older Cinema Display with an ADC connection (it looks like it'll fit this DVI connection, but count the pins - it's wider), you'll have to purchase Apple's DVI-to-ADC adapter (P/N M8661LL/B). Unfortunately, it's expensive ($99 from apple or $89 on amazon plus shipping), it's bulky (almost as big as the mac mini), requires use of one of my precious USB ports and yet another electric outlet.
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    No you do not. If your Cinema display uses a DVI connection you are fine. The Previous generation Mini Uses DVI and VGA through an included adapter.
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    It depends on which model ADC you have. The older (original) ones with the plastic feet use the ADC connector and would require that adapter.

    The newer ADC (2004-present) aluminum models all use DVI, which would plug directly to the back of the mini you mention.
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    Thanks for this guys. I have the "newer" ACD, so I'm all set.

    Thanks again.

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