Do i want to update 4s to ios6 or wait?


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Mar 16, 2012
Brisbane Australia
just wondering if i should wait for the next update/bug fix or update my 4s now? How are people's experiences with the 4s and ios 6? Yes i know maps is ****, not too concerned about that.

I'm more concerned with battery life, total experience besides maps.



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Jul 24, 2002
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Maps are involved in MUCH more than just the Map app. Siri, location services, and many apps all rely on them in some fashion.

As I said in another thread...

Many of the new features aren't fully realized and are either full of major flaws or have glaring omissions.

Even something as simple as 'Do Not Disturb,' a feature numerous other phones have had for years, somehow misses that most people don't have the same schedule or needs every day of the week.

Sadly, the list continues with nearly every 'enhancement.'

Here's the thread, it should help answer some of your questions.


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Jan 28, 2006
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As the previous post made clear, there are many issues regarding IOS 6 and they are compounded on the iPhone 4 & 4s.
I have an unlocked 4s and I'm waiting till there are some enhancements before i pull the trigger.
And if you use Maps, or travel outside of the US, this advice is doubled!


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Mar 16, 2012
Brisbane Australia
just googled the past updates and they were about 3-6 months after initial release. gah. *sits back to wait* any guestimates about how long this might take?


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Sep 20, 2012
Dubai, UAE
I think there are two camps regarding this one.

First Camp are people who love to try out every new feature that is advertised by Apple with new iOS, and expect it to work perfectly. And there is nothing wrong with that. As they say, "It should do exactly what it says on the Tin…."

Second camp are people who love to have the latest gadget and software, irrespective of the fact that they probably don't use most of the feature available on their iPhones. So they wouldn't care if the features advertised don't work perfectly. They are just happy that they OWN the latest thing…

If you belong to the first Camp - then the advice is clear - WAIT, DON'T UPGRADE YET….

If you belong to the second camp, then hallelujah, join the club and start posting on millions of threads, complaining about one of the many features on iOS6 not working properly…..


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Aug 10, 2007
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You only hear people complaining here if things don't work, the ones which have no problems don't (Normally), I am a happy iOS 6 user and have NO problems/issues, everything works.

Don't ask people, read about it and make your own decision.


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Apr 4, 2011
i'd say wait. i, unfortunately, updated my iPad 2 to iOS 6 and all i have to show for it is this lousy battery life (sound's like a t-shirt - dibs!) i've found not much else of use either.
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