Do iPhones in every country Have the Same Hardware

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by x13gamer, Nov 5, 2007.

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    Do iPhones in every country Have the Same Hardware?
    You may think of this as a silly question but, with all these different carriers do they all use removable sim technology? Before the Release of the iPhone It was rumored that Apple went to Verizon to be the iPhone's Carrier in the US. Verizon of course dose not use Removable Sim Tech. (at least on all the phones i have ever come in contact with, Including mine). Did Apple change the Hardware design of the iPhone after Verizon said no?

    My Main Point
    Do all the Carriers in other countries (that have been announced) use removable sim cards? or eventually could you hack one of their Phones to work on a network other than At&T, Like Verizon or what ever you have?
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    First, a minor correction. Apple went to Verizon after going to Cingular (AT&T), with the apparent intention of doing both GSM and CDMA, according to the Wall Street Journal.

    To answer your Qs:

    Yes, apparently it's the same phone for all areas.

    Yes, (where have you been, in a cave? - grin) the phone's been hacked to use other GSM carriers for a long time, although every month or so Apple tries to lock it down again. It's a very popular thing to do in Canada and overseas.

    Side note: I'm really surprised that more people don't use the piggyback smart SIM method, which doesn't require software hacking. Sure seems like the way to go. I suppose it's because it's sold out most of the time.
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    Sim cards are assoicated with GSM phone technology. Att is gsm, as are the other carriers getting this phone in europe. Verizon is cdma and does not use sim cards. No iphone will work on verizon, sprint or any cdma carrier.


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