Do laptop and external display resolution need to match to avoid resizing windows?

Discussion in 'Alternatives to Mac Hardware' started by hajime, Dec 16, 2018.

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    Hi, my X1 Yoga Gen 3 has a WQHD internal display and my external TV is 4K. I found that I need to rescale the size of Windows and browsers often when dragging them back and forth across the two screens. I don’t recall clearly but I think I did not have to do such resizing when I was using a X1E with 4K internal display. Am I correct that if both laptop and external display have the same resolutions, there is no need for resizingas the mapping is 1:1. Otherwise, need to do the inconvenience of scaling.
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    That sounds about right. I can’t recall 100% from the X1E, but I believe that you are correct.
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    It is quite annoying. I had a browser full screen on the X1Y3. As I dragged it to the 4K screen, the browser window became very small. I had to adjust the size manually.

    If I get the SB2, I guess I will have the same problem.
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    Yes, as that's a function of windows
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    Since it is a Windows function you can change that in the Windows settings:

    Hopefully that solves your problem.

    EDIT: On the link I provided only the article is interesting. On that page there is also an annoying link called "Download this tool to repair Windows problems & optimize system performance". This is a blatant advertisement for a tool you don't need.
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    If you simply drag 'n' drop, you will have resizing issues. But if you use keyboard shortcuts (win key + shift + arrow), there won't be any issues at all.

    I was using KB shortcuts with x1c + sb2, and both behaved the same. Just use KB shortcuts, it's faster and easier anyway :)
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    As ever knowledge is power, and all the better for sharing :)


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