Do Micro SIM converters work as stated?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by kylera, Jan 21, 2013.

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    I have an old Android smartphone and an iPhone 4S, and there are times I want to use my older phone when I go out so that I won't have to run the risk of losing my iPhone. However, as user know, most, if not all, non-iOS phones require the older, larger SIM card, an as such, there are plenty of SIM adapters. Do those adapters work as advertised?
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    Depends on how well it's made. I have a microsim to regular sim adapter that I bought from some top rated eBay seller (can't remember which one). It works as it is supposed to. However I have to be careful when sliding the entire unit into my full size sim phone because the microsim sometimes shifts out of the adapter and doesn't allow me to slide it in. So I'd say in general they'll work as advertised, but YMMV.
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    I bought one of those sets of 3(nano-micro, nano-regular, micro-regular), really well made hard plastic, theres a thin back layer so it doesnt shift or slide around. It does become detached if its one of those angled sim inserts such as the Galaxy, so you have to be careful while inserting it.

    But overall, buy a good quality one and they work as advertised, crappy soft plastic ones are harder to fiddle with.
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    At the iPhone hacks section.
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    My experience is that using the converter in the Blackberry is supercool which does not have the fish bait tackle like fingers as is Samsung Galaxy S2. In the SGS2 these things get stuck while removing it. Finally they stop working! So be extra careful. The converters are a bit flexible and the nano/micro sim falls off and only the converter comes out. These sim slots were never designed for frequent insertion and removal. The iPhone 5 sim slot is easy to remove and insert but not so in the SGS2 etc. Even Blackberry is good for insertion and removal.
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    Just a warning - if like me you decide to store an empty nano-SIM adapter in (say) an original iPhone so that it's ready to be used as a backup phone, you'll be left with an expensive iPod Touch.

    I didn't even think about it when I did the above, but apparently the prongs that connect to the SIM card once the tray is inserted will go right through the hole in the nano-SIM adapter and prevent you from opening the tray.

    Edit: I'm not sure if it's a hole in the adapter, or just an indentation where the nano-SIM is supposed to go, but either way it jams the SIM tray.

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    Get NOOSY yea they work


    NOOSY works

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