DO NOT PGP WDE Retina MBP unless you want it bricked.

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Eddyisgreat, Jun 15, 2012.

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    Hey All. Posted this on the symantec forums so figured I should do it here too:

    As the title suggest, don't try to encrypt your Retina MBP unless you want to brick it. After you install the latest PGP and try to restart, a couple things happen.

    Obviously the PGP box shows up as the tiniest box you've ever seen in your life (on the retina screen). About 1/4th the size of the normal screen.

    The keyboard input externally and internally DOES NOT WORK properly. You can type in the first 10 or 15 characters, after that the PGP window will no longer detect your keystrokes. I had to hit enter about 14 times before it finally told me that my password was invalid, and to invoke the language menu I had to hit the function key about 3 times before it took.

    Even if I show my keystrokes to the known good passphrase it still does not work. It will either tell you that it's incorrect or it will let you progress but get stuck at grey screen, like what you would normally experience right before it goes to the apple screen and lets you boot as normal.

    I tried different keyboards and booting to different screen sizes (external monitors). Non seem to have worked.

    As for bare metal recovery well I havn't tried anything yet but I should be able to redownload lion with the recovery console.
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    Wouldn't access to the recovery console sort of mean, not bricked? Please let us know!
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    I'm a Symantec PGP Encryption technican tasked with reviewing the web for mention of our product. Will you please link your comments from the Symantec forum, so I can review it, and see if this has had a bug filed for it?
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