Do Rapidweaver or Dreamweaver allow for posting audio by date?

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by mrspur, Feb 10, 2009.

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    I am responsible for starting a website for our church, and we would like a "resource library" to allow for listening or downloading sermons.

    Unfortunately, I don't know much about web design/programming! And since we are just starting out, we're not in a spot to invest much money for someone to design one. So, I've been doing searches online and in the MacRumors forums, and am slowly gaining confidence in creating a website myself. Looking at either Dreamweaver or Rapidweaver at this point.

    To give you an idea of what we're looking to do:

    1.) Here is an audio resource example we like:

    2.) We like the look and functionality of these sites:

    I downloaded a trial of RW, and I already have DW from the CS3 package I purchased (while I don't know how to use DW, I do have the Total Training tutorials).

    RW seems to be highly recommended in posts I've come across for WYSIWYG, but I'm not sure how to get past the "blog-look." (Of course, I'm likely showing my naiveté!) If I go this route, I'm guessing I will probably have to get some kind of tutorial somewhere?

    So before I invest time into learning a program, here are my questions:
    1.) Will what we want to do (look/layout of site, audio functionality) be possible with either RW or DW?
    2.) Is accomplishing what we want to do realistic considering my inexperience? If it is, what recommendations do you have for me?

    Thanks for any advice you all have!
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    If you're willing to learn as you go I think you can seriously look into creating a website from scratch using Dreamweaver. I haven't seen anything you've produced so maybe I shouldn't recommend this, but as long as you're willing to spend time and are willing to learn I think you'll do OK.

    Before you do anything though i'd say to create a document listing exactly what you want the site to do. You say you have downloads and audio. You need to decide where these go, what pages you have and what images you have to go where. For example do you want a gallery? Or an events page?

    You also need to know, are you going to be the admin for the site or will people be able to interact at any level besides straight downloads. Do you want any secure/registered member areas? If you start adding functionality like these then i'd recommend customising an off-the-shelf CMS such as Drupal.

    First place to start though is plan your pages. Then you can roughly design a page template and then you can fill these in with the required content.

    ... forgot to add about the library..
    You need to plan this too first, how many items will you be adding and again if this is you adding them. There's lots of PHP scripts you can integrate with a site to list directory's and such, it's more advanced but if it's the last part of the site you do i'm sure you'll be up to the task.

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