Do some MacBook Pro Retinas come with quieter keyboards?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by genealogyxie, Jul 9, 2016.

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    I purchased a MacBook Pro 13 Retina in a genuine Apple Store in China and the keyboard was a lot quieter than I remembered with my experience with my MacBook Pro 15 Retina with the Haswell processor. Unfortunately I had to return it because the charger was incompatible with the ones in the US (where I live)

    I purchased the same model in the US on eBay (sealed box) but it seems that the keyboard is really loud (louder than any high end keyboard I can remember using). Was it because I received an older version (both are 2015 models) or do the Chinese models simply have quieter keyboards or is it just random luck?

    Could I take it to an Apple store in the US and have them replace the keyboard with a quieter one? How much would that cost?
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    Not sure of the keyboard, however the chargers are compatible, just need to change the duck head at the most. Written on a 12" rMB, bought in Mainland China, currently in Papua New Guinea, that has literally been around the world. Apple Chargers are good for 100V - 24OV and work globally.

    As Apple has multiple sources for components, it`s not impossible that there is more than one vendor for the KB.

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    Not sure about your issue with the keyboard, but you returned the Chinese-purchased model for no good reason. All you needed was a different "duck-head", or at most a different power cord. The power adapters are the same world-wide, and just use different plugs to adapt to local power connections. The MacBook Pros are also the same world-wide, except for keyboard. The different keyboards are the various foreign language keyboards.
    Perhaps you had the most-other-countries ISO keyboard, which has an oddly shaped Enter key - not rectangular like the US keyboard. Maybe that ISO keyboard has different key characteristics (such as lower mechanical noise)
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