OS X Do they still make kids games that work in the app store or for download?

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by coop, May 21, 2015.

  1. coop, May 21, 2015
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    I realize that most discussions here are for adult games, but maybe someone can help me.

    I have been looking around and tried two games that appear to be built more for the iPad than a computer. I know most things are made for iPads or web based these days, but I really would like some games. Where do I find them? It seems in the old days there were awesome kids games for the Mac and not many adult ones. Now all I see are adult games when I look around. When I say games I am talking about educational games not small apps. (games like Carmen Sandiego)

    Also, if you get an app in the Mac App Store that does not work, can you get a refund?

    So far we have Froggy Math that works well (it is a one trick app). I highly recommend it and both boys love it!

    We had some old iSpy games that were given to us and say they are for OS 10.2 and higher. They are buggy and you have to have the CD in the drive to run them. I looked for updated versions, but they are only for the iPad.

    My Dad has an old g5 iMac sitting around that has a screen flicker, maybe I should try to save that to run these old CD-Rom games?
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    Thank you! This is what I was trying to figure out. It is sad that educational video games disappeared. I still have a teal G3 iMac and Dad had a G3 PowerMac in his home office last year that he did not use. Maybe I should try to dig one of those up.

    I also am checking out the games mentioned in the comment section.

    Also, there is a great link in the


    Thank you, I was look for the ones that the poster below referred to as the "educational video game genre" that has disappeared. :(

    I looked in the educational/ game stores and was disappointed. I downloaded 3 apps and 2 did not work (either they had no updates or were originally made for the iPad). I have found a few simple math game apps on it.
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    Many of the classic educational games from the 80s and such have been archived and are free to play through your web browser.

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