Do third-party apps spell the end of Apple-created apps?

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by kavika411, Mar 13, 2008.

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    I don't see where this question has been address, but if it has I welcome the link.

    I am excited about third-party applications, but am curious what the effect will be on Apple-created apps. As an example, there is currently no "to do" type software on the iPhone - something which organizes and prioritizes things you need to get done. I imagine a developer will make one. Do we assume that Apple will then never make one? Will Apple never make more than "wi-fi store" and "app store" type applications in the future. Conversely, are third-party developers worried that they will spend the next few months making a great piece of software, only to find out that Apple decided to give us that same App for free directly from Apple?

    I appreciate anyone's thoughts.
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    There's no difference here between the phone and a normal Mac.

    Will Apple develop an app if there's already a good one out there? Maybe, maybe not.

    Do developers get paranoid / annoyed with the possibility that Apple will code an app that does the same as theirs? Yes

    Apple has bought apps off third parties before now, polished them and released as an Apple app, so that's a possibility too.

    As far as I can see, the third party app market is only a good thing. It will encourage a great range of good apps, and with will force Apple to keep their apps good too.

    As for your example of a to do app - there are already far better third party apps doing this than Apple. Check out OmniFocus for a start (hopefully these guys are coding a phone version as we speak!).
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    I think that apple will continue to develop app, although from the announcement the other day I belive they will refocus their priority from developing consumer type applications to more enterprise specific applications (mail is the obvious example here)

    The platform is so versatile that I would crazy to assume that apple will develop every app under the sun. I can name ten apps that I would like to see, but i know apple will never develop. Also, I think it would be a waste of time for them to do so. They currently have a nice core of applications which are good and I think they should stick to this and doing the all important OS optimisation, improvement and refinement.
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    Third-party devs have never stopped Apple before. Audion/iTunes, Konfabulator/Dashboard, Watson/Sherlock, etc...

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