Do two Airport Extremes communicate with each other on 802.11ac?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by bombrider, Mar 15, 2014.

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    Jan 3, 2011
    This may sound like a silly question, but here goes.

    Currently I have a wired home and I connect my Networked Media Tank up to my TV via ethernet cable running underneath the floor. Next week I am moving to an apartment where this isn't possible, so I'm looking for the absolute best method to get the fastest possible speeds out of a wifi network so I can continue to enjoy streaming 1080p content (sometimes up to 20gb in file size) from my NAS in the next room to the living room.

    I have one of the latest Airport Extremes that supports 802.11ac. I thought a good option might be to use an Airport Express to extend my network and plug it in to my Networked Media Tank via ethernet cable. This worked just fine except that for some of the more intensive 1080p content the speed just doesn't seem to cut it and I get obvious buffering issues. The devices are only 20 feet apart through one wall made of wood and the conditions are fairly optimal so assume this is because the Airport Express is connecting on the 802.11n range and simply can't keep up with the content.

    My question, then, might seem silly and obvious (as I'm sure the answer to this question is yes) but it is as follows; if I buy a second Airport Extreme, will my bandwidth between that and the current Airport Extreme operate on the 802.11ac range and thus exceed that of the current Airport Extreme -> Airport Express configuration I'm testing?
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    That might be an expensive solution. I had the same requirement and solved it by using two powerline adapters. The ones i used were capable of a max speed of 500 Meg.
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    Should it? Yes!

    However, AC signal drops like a fly with any interference. It may be worth testing though.

    This should save you a bit of dough:

    One thing to note is to set the second AC device as a client, which is known as "Join a Network" in AirPort Utility.

    Since this is an apartment, I would not be surprised if the apartments weren't on separate circuit breaker panels. Sometimes landlords have old buildings and charge a generic power fee. Newer ones have everything segregated out.

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