Do u think I should upgrade from old tibook?


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Aug 21, 2004
Okey dokey -- I have what amounts to a almost new 400mhz Tibook. Why almost new?

Because I have a 7 month old brand new logic board.
7 month old new keyboard.
7 month old new top case.
2 week old new middle case.
7 month old bottom case.
6 month old Hitcachi travelstar 40 gig hd, 5400rpm,
a 1 month old new Airport card,
2 six month old Kingston 512K ram chips --

plus i keep the top case and middle case in their original plastic protector wrap, plus i have an iskin keyboard protector -- so the case is untouched --

so the only thing "old" about my old Tibook is the battery, the LCD and the DVD CD rom drive which are all great.

My question to you today is -- I love the tibook -- should I bother buying a later model or upgrading the CPU when ALL I do is surf the web, use Word and email?

I don't game.

I rarely even watch movies and I don't have an iPod yet. (It came with a Smartdisk Titanium cd burner external because it doesn't burn)

Should I buy a Daystar 550mhz CPU upgrade?

Should I go to a 7200 rpm HD?

Because I have a feeling that since my useage is so basic, that even if I were to go to a 1ghz Tibook, IT STILL WOULD BE around the same speed for the way that I use the machine!

Am I right to just hang on to my pretty new old Tibook as is -- or is there any real time speed bump that I would enjoy with either a CPU/HD upgrade or a maxed out 1ghz Tibook?

Thanks guys -- I really thought about it and don't know the answer.


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Jul 23, 2002
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If it works for you, don't bother upgrading. If you need more disk space do go for a higher capacity drive. You probably won't see much difference between a 5400 and a 7200 rpm drive on your system.


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Dec 20, 2003
I don't see any reason to upgrade you Ti Pb
if you need more storage, get a FW Harddisk... that will still be usable whenever you buy a new computer...

I would say use it until

a: you see its getting too slow, but since you're not a poweruser... that can take a while...

b: you have enough money and you really want a new computer ;-)

c: it brakes down beyond repair... (at least beyond repair that would make it as much as a new one for instance)

I had a TiPB G4 400Mhz with 1GB ram 20 GB HDD Airport it was very nice, had a new battery so I could use it for several hours without recharging, had an external CD-RW & HDD

I bought my G5 because somebody stole the TiPb... and I wanted to have a G5 for my studio anyway... but if that **** hadn't stolen the TiPb I guess I would still be using it all the time (because I don't want to sit in my studio when just surfing the web) & it was a great machine to take with me whenever I had to do a shoot on location...

I'm still looking forward to have the funds to buy a new Laptop... maybe even a 2nd hand I don't need the power but I could use the portability from time to time...


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Aug 21, 2004
Sorry someone swiped your tibook. But thanks for the advice. The FW external HD is a great idea -- I do have the "new" replaced 10 gig hd on a usb external caddy. I guess I'm set. The real world speed for me wouldn't be worth the five or six hundred I'd spend to get a 1ghz tibook. I'm scared of the ALbooks and all that bending metal!
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