Do we HAVE to "restore" and erase all contents before jailbreaking?


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Jun 29, 2010
I dont have much stuff on my iPad and per the instructions for Absinthe it says to restore then after the jailbreak restore from back up.

Ive got all my folders set how I want them and email set up etc do I really have to restore if I'm already on 5.1 before running the jailbreak?


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Jun 13, 2010
Follow my guide

Dont restore that way, do it through itunes.

I put this in a previous post. you have to update to 5.1.1 first which will clear your jailbreak.
Before doing so if you haven't already download a app from Cydia called Aptbackup and run that. this will save all your jailbroken apps so that when you jailbreak and install this again you can just run it to recover your other apps.

By following the guide, the "backup" saves all your folders and settings to itunes so you will be fine.


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Jun 18, 2010
West Drayton, UK
I didn't restore - I just performed the JB to see if it would work (didn't have anything important on it, and had a backup just in case).

It worked fine.


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Mar 28, 2010
I had to restore, even using 2.0.1. I tried jailbreaking twice without, and each time the process went on for a long time and eventually the program crashed. When I did my iPhone 4, I had no problems. Once I restored my iPad and redid it, it went through perfectly and fast.


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Mar 14, 2011
I used 2.0 and simply ran it on my new iPad 64GB 4G, the only issue I had was it removed all my apps from their folders. I needed to put the apps back into folders to get the Cydia icon to show.

I DIDN'T have to restore, for what it is worth.

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